This setup is recommended if you want to customize or further develop the SecurityRAT tool.


Before starting the application :

  • checkout this project
  • log into your mariadb server and create an empty database for this application
  • edit the database in the file securityrat-backend/src/main/resources/config/application-dev.yml according to the examples

    databaseName: $YourDatabase
    username: $DBUserName
    password: $DBUserPassword
  • edit the authentication type and CAS configurarion in the file securityrat-backend/src/main/resources/config/application.yml.

      type: FORM
  • configure the Mail server in the file securityrat-backend/src/main/resources/config/application-dev.yml

      host: localhost # mail server
      port: 25
      username:	#might be needed depending on your mail server
      password:	#might be needed depending on your mail server
      protocol: smtp
      tls: false
      auth: false
      from: securityRAT@localhost # from email address

How to run

  • if you are going to run SecurityRAT and the CAS server on the same machine at least 6GB of RAM are recommended.
  • Run mvn install from the project root directory to bundle the frontend and API components. This is needed to start the tool.
  • Move to the folder securityrat-backend and run mvn spring-boot:run. This will automatically create the database structure if it doesnt exist yet.
  • log in to your mariadb server and in the JHI_USER table rename the admin user login to your CAS username OR log in with the credentials admin for the username and password (in order to get full rights for your user).
  • go to https://localhost:9000. You should be verified by your previously setup CAS server OR FORM login and can start using the application.
  • The constants (under Administration -> constants) must be edited accordingly.