Steps for deploying SecurityRAT as a CAS (SSO) client.

Central Authentication Service

If you’re not familiar with CAS, please refer to these resources:

Integration steps

In order to deploy SecurityRAT as a CAS client, just open the configuration file at src/main/resources/config/application.yml (depending on whether you want to configure the development or production profile) and edit the following lines:

  type: CAS # the default setting

  casLoginUrl: http(s)://localhost:8443/cas #Change to the URL your CAS server listens on
  casLogoutUrl: https://localhost:8443/cas/logout # Change to your CAS server logout URL
  callbackUrl: https://localhost:9000/callback #Change to the correct URL (https) of SecurityRAT

Log in to your mariadb server and in the JHI_USER table rename the ‘admin’ user login to your CAS username in order to get full rights for your admin user.

Restart the application and you’re done!